Are you someone who would like health and wellness to be a larger part of your life, but just can't find the time? Now you can meet with a nutritionist in the comfort of your own home or office...

E-Nutrition offers our clients the opportunity to work with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist online to ensure that you are able to find a balance between a busy lifestyle and you own personal wellness goals.

Benefits of Working with a Holistic Nutritionist
• One on One Consulting
• Personalized, Holistic Recommendations
• Individual Direction and Motivation
• Shared Passion for Achieving Optimal Health

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Achieve health and
wellness at your

own pace

E Nutrition is great for the career minded, busy moms on the go, singles and active families.

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Spotlight on our Services - Lose 10 Get Healthy! $199

For those of you who often say, “It doesn’t matter what I do, I can’t lose weight!” this is the program for you! In this 4 week weight loss program you will work closely with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist to identify the reasons why your body is not responding to your weight loss efforts. Whether it be your sluggish thyroid, glucose impairment issues or general nutrient imbalance, you will make the necessary diet and exercise changes that will work to heal your body and help to shed those extra pounds.
This package includes:
     • Full Health History and Assessment with Review of Recent Blood Panel
     • 4 Week Personalized Diet, Supplement and Exercise Plan
     • 3, One on One Coaching Sessions with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Unlimited Email Support
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